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The EU ERASMUS+ funded project “Providing the health sector with highly qualified workers
in the field of data protection” – GDPR4H aims at empowering the major actors with
employees that are going to fill the gap and the identified skills mismatch through:

  • Developing enhanced regional and cross-regional partnerships to ensure that a
    sufficient number of healthcare employees and learners receive the right training /
    education based on current needs
  • Connecting educational and vocational training with healthcare industry and
    organisations in a more systematic and coherent way
  • Developing an environment that is going to foster employability of employees in the
    healthcare sector, providing adequate tools that will better their working conditions
    and the quality of services provided.
  • Improving comparability and transfer of skills and competences focusing on-line
    training of current healthcare employees based on a blended approach, while
    introducing innovative education/ training initiatives.
  • Raising awareness and improving the knowledge on patients’ data privacy protection
    as well as providing concrete information on rising legal aspects
    The development of this online web platform for “Data Protection Ready” Employees,
    establish this platform as a “mobility tool” for WBL. It aims at matching each person
    interested in WBL with the appropriate company’s position.